Sunday, August 14, 2005

Functional Foreskin

Below is an excerpt from a website article entitled Anatomy and Functions of the Male Foreskin

Found at:

“During masturbation, the mucosal surface of the foreskin rolls back and forth across the mucosal surface of the glans penis, providing nontraumatic sexual stimulation. During heterosexual activity, the mucosal surfaces of the glans penis and foreskin move back and forth across the mucosal surfaces of the labia and vagina, providing nontraumatic sexual stimulation of both male and female. This mucous-membrane-to-mucous-membrane contact provides the natural lubrication necessary for sexual relations and prevents both the dryness responsible for painful intercourse and the chafing and abrasions which allow entry of sexually transmitted diseases, both viral and bacterial.”

It took me a while (growing up) for me to realize what my intact foreskin afforded me in the sexual arena (weather by myself or with a partner) given the knowledge of what the foreskin does for me I can not imagine desiring to have it removed. For the longest time I wondered why many guys I knew would reference lubricants and lotions when speaking of (or joking about) masturbation…as if these things were synonymous with masturbating. I really didn’t understand why it was necessary to “lube up” before masturbating…I never required it, and I masturbate as much as the next guy (near as I could figure). I suppose it’s just another gift of being intact…the foreskin is truly functional.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Sex and the City

Just the other night I was watching an episode of Sex and the City on TV. The episode included a dialog about uncut cocks. One of the characters was seeing a man who was uncircumcised. This unfortunately bothered her and she expressed how much she preferred the circumcised penis. The majority of the women in the group agreed that men should be circumcised. In the end the man went to the doctor and had himself circumcised because he felt uncomfortable being uncut especially given women’s reactions over the years.

It was disappointing to watch this fictional episode. It really was unfortunate that the issue of circumcision was addressed in such a way on television. People often seem to sight looks and cleanliness as the reasons why males should be circumcised. How vein have we become that we feel a penis does not look good because it is complete with its foreskin? It would be like saying a woman’s vagina doesn’t look right if she has her labia-minora still intact, or that her clitoris doesn’t look quite right unless the clitoral-hood has been trimmed off. I seriously doubt that women would be jumping for joy if the practice of slicing off these very important parts of their vagina for the sake of looks was common practice. As for the argument of cleanliness (which we can talk about more in depth later) ….. teach your sons good personal hygiene instead of taking the easy way out and cutting off vial parts of their sexual organs just so you don’t have to feel awkward teaching him the importance of washing under his foreskin.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

All Natural

After having grown up with my fully intact penis and foreskin I finally came to realize in my adulthood what a lucky man I am to have retained my entire penis (the penis I was intended to have). I love is wonderful! There are so many cultural and religious beliefs and traditions throughout the world which involve the removal of the foreskin from male infants, young boys, and young men. Although I love having my foreskin I do not in any way denounce or feel as though theses practices are "wrong" or "evil", however I do believe that from a social standpoint the issue of circumcision needs to be discussed, and if I had my way in America we would cease the removal of male foreskin as a practice based on social acceptability or because we believe that an circumcised penis "looks better" or remains "cleaner."

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Let's talk about skin

Welcome to Foreskin Forum. This BLOG is devoted to the discussion of the Uncircumcised (Uncut) penis. All aspects of the uncut penis are open for discussion and comment from masturbation to emotional ramification of circumcising or not circumcising the penis. Thank you. Let's talk about skin!